Feliz Cumpleaños Merle & Elias!❤
Feliz Cumpleaños Merle & Elias!❤

On the 8 of november, a lot of exchange students celebrated the birthday of two of my german family members💞 Merle & Elias ! 

First of all both (just like peruvian tradition) got dumped in cake that was delicious by the way 😅 After celebrating a little bit a Merles house we all went to Miraflores to an all you can eat burger house named ,,Tom Davis''. 

We had 3 delicious hours of burgers, fries, tacos, mac n' cheese & aaaa loooot of fun!


I love you two and hope you had an amazing day!❤🎁🎂

Miraflores with my beautiful honey❤
Miraflores with my beautiful honey❤

On the weekend me and my honey Anna went to Miraflores for a wonderful day of chocolate, ice cream, chillin' and a beautiful view to the beach🌅

It was a very funny and wonderful time as always with her !💞 

Sooo greetings to you my loveliness💗🤗

Officially brooken😅
Officially brooken😅


I have to admit that exchange life isn't always as funny and chill as it looks on the internet or photo's like this one.

We (all the exchange students in Peru) are dealing with a lot of stress lately....

There are a lot of voluntary works ahead that of course we love to do but getting forced to do them does'nt make them as shine and awesome as we would like them to be.

Also we are standing under a lot of pressure of learning spanish, handeling stress, having practises for our money collection (a theater) and trying to have your own social life ... 

This all probably sounds very overdramatic & like a crybaby but I recently don't feel very good and I'm sick often because of all the stress we have ..... thats also a reason why I don't upload my blog so often because I don't have enough time to do awesome things to talk about and don't feel like only writing about the awesome things ......

But life isn't always easy so I hope it's just a downphase before a huge goodphase ! 

I just wanted to explain whats been going on and why I didnt upload something lately💗🤗